14 August 2010

i am sweets , but i lost my ecstacy ?

everyone is looking for their true love.searching their loved ones. searching for their soulmate. searching for their best room-mate :). ehem2 :). we cant love two , three, or four people in a one time. cos love is just about two person. two hearts. two confeesion. and three words. I Love You. Dun simply said it to anyone if you're not in that deep feeling . it will make u look stupid.yes stupid.love is not about, saying i love you. dun treat ur gf like a b*tch cos they arent one.dun force anyone to love you, to accept you, to be with you 24/7, cos their life arent lame like yours. they got wonderful life,bby.dun get obssesed with ur bf, cos he's not your everything.not all couple ended their love story with a merrier wedding.love is not about you and me. its about chemistry between us. we tend to hate people who made us smile everyday cos they are the permanent pain for us forever. we do like people easily but we cant love them easily. we do crush over some people, but we cant force them to love us . we couldnt expect they will love us back. love is not about forcing others.love is not about forcing others to accept u as in two weeks after u knowing each other.love is about to be honest to ur love done . we do searching someone who will make us laugh everyday, but that someeone always hurt us back. dun you realise that ? love is about expect nothing.dun expect everything will be good.trust your love done . if he went away, dun put your hope high on top, to hope he will come back.move oon with your life. dun hate him. just erase him from your life. if he is your true destiny, he will go back to you. dun sacrifice your pride just because you wanted a scandal and having fun with him. dun u realise , u bring your pride down, and for me it is terriblely sicks.dun get close to anyone just because you wanted him to buy things that you craving for a long time, and you got not-enough-money to buy them.just dun.unless,he willing himself to buy them to you.dun let your desire leads your mind. you are big enough to think what is wrong and what is rite. do apologise everyone who made a shit to you, cos life is like karma. what goes around comes around.just deal with it probably im look like im hating someone,but deep inside my heart , i have forgive them from the day they were born. notice that.does anyone know how to cure heartless-hearted? cos whenever he said anything related to love in front of me, i feel like wanna slapping his mouth and kick his ass , punch his face million times,

apa nak jadi dengan hang ni
yuyun !

terriblely out of love,

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