03 October 2010


these past few days were hard. tak tau apa yg hard actually. but seriously rasa cam hard. i just felt that there's something missing inside of me, cm ada satu emptiness yg aku xtau nk fill dgn apa.

ok aku tau sbnrnye. aku nk fill benda tu ngn bf aku, but ntahla. he's there and im here. he's studying and im working .

i guess i just missing him too much, more than usual, more than i expect me to be. maybe because of the stress, pressure, because of the new environment, a lot of stories to tell but dont knw where to begin when we had the chance, benda tu sume buat aku makin nak dia ada kt sini.

we used to have atleast 1 hour punye conversation stp mlm, but dah lama tak buat sume tu. its not his fault, its my fault. not that i dont want to, but i dont have the energy to do that right now. work is not hard, takde penat mana pn, but bila dah jauh, kena drive ulang alik, dlm astro pn jalan ulang alik, sume benda tu jadi penat.

i want him, i want him here, i need him here. byk benda nk cite, byk benda nk buat same2. i want to hold him and just stare at him, talking bout my days and works and people. and his days gak. there are alot of things to tell to each other but ntahla.

haih, i miss my bf :(
so that we can be together always. haha gile nk melekat je all the time :p so? lantakla. yes, im that type of girl. jenis yg nk melekat. i dont think thats wrong sbb if kite nk hidup ngn org tu, apa salahnya melekat je kn? still ada life gak, still ada kwn gak. yg penting, ada each other :)

i want him. pls balik :(

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