08 April 2011

no title

Yuyun : I’m scared of not being with you.
SL : Oh baby, that’ll never happen.

maybe i’ve shudnt go on with this. maybe i just better put all away for good. its good for me, both of us also. i don’t think we can work things out. i have my own life to carry on with. i tried not to be selfish but at once, i’ve to. its not that i dont love but the feeling just not the same. ive been thru upside down, and this is the most hardest part i’ve been into. partly can’t share with others, partly say can’t. but i just dont feel like wanna tell anybody how i feel. its complicated. too complicated. i dont even know what i want, seriously. There’s no excitement. i hate all the part of life. most of em screwed big time. i love someone to be with me all the time. i can’t stand alone. i need someone to cope with me. its better to move on.

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